Pickleball Net System (Portable)


Size Guide


Length: 22 feet

Height: 36 inches – 34 inches at center

Weight: 23 lbs

Approved by the USAPA/IFP - International Federation of Pickleball

Color: Green


Victory portable pickleball net system with frame made from powder-coated (green) steel tubing.  Center-strap design for consistent height and adjustment straps are on the net edge for excellent tension.

Improved with heavier gauge net mesh and headband.

Easy set up and take down for play on any hard surface.

The Victory system comes with a heavy duty 420 D nylon carry bag, with a durable zipper, carry straps, shoulder strap and internal sections to make portable net storage easier than ever.


NOTE: You may notice there are different ways to set up the nets. For example, the black Velcro tension strap can be above the white net band or wrapped around it. And, the net can rest on the opposite side of the frame from the center strap or on the same side. The main concern is the height of the net, which should be at 36 inches where the net meets the court sidelines and 34 inches at the center strap.

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Size Chart
.001 INCH
3 KG. 6.6 LBS 5 KG. 11.0 LBS.
Light 7.2- Small 4 Low 0 – 1.5 0 – 3
Mid 7.3 – 8.4 Medium 4 1/8 – 4 1/4 Medium 2 – 3 3.5 – 6
Heavy 8.5+ Large 4 1/2 High 3.5 - 5 6.5 - 9