300A-XL+ Plus


Size Guide
Cherry Sunburst Red
Radiant Plum
Plasma Blue
Electric Spring Green

Selkirk Sport

7.8– 8.3 oz.

Aluminum Core, Graphite Surface (Vinyl Skin)

4 1/4 “ Grip size

15 3/4 “ length

8” wide

5 1/4“ handle length

Deflection: 2/3 medium/low

IFP Aproved

Colors : Cherry Sunburst, Radiant Plum, Blue Plasma, Electric Spring


We've taken our most popular paddle and we decided to kick things up a notch! We've taken what is arguably one of the best control paddles in the industry and we've added just the right amount of weight to add even more power to that renowned control—essentially taking a control paddle, and while some would argue that our regular 300A is no slouch in the power department, this extra weight gives those who are looking for even more power—without sacrificing their control game.


Not only have we kicked things up a notch in the power department, we've taken it to new levels of notches with our brand new selection of gorgeous colors. We're introducing four new irresistible colors: we have a brilliant Cherry Sunburst (for fans of Gibson Les Pauls), mesmerizing Blue Plasma, an energizing Electric Spring and a delicious Radiant Plum.

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Size Chart
.001 INCH
3 KG. 6.6 LBS 5 KG. 11.0 LBS.
Light 7.2- Small 4 Low 0 – 1.5 0 – 3
Mid 7.3 – 8.4 Medium 4 1/8 – 4 1/4 Medium 2 – 3 3.5 – 6
Heavy 8.5+ Large 4 1/2 High 3.5 - 5 6.5 - 9