You may have noticed DD's rather serious countenance. He has a good philosophy of life that follows through to his pickle ball game. 
His motto is: 
"If you want to be 'cool', first you have to be 'hot'. (work hard)"
He comes out with stuff like that all the time! 
He's quite a profound guy really! 
There's only one problem with hanging out with him. Ole' stone face is stubborn. 
"Hey man," I tell him. 
"Get in the other room, I've got company coming over."
The guy is weird!! He refuses to wear clothes!! 
I shouldn't be too hard on him though. 
Some French guy named Robin used Deep Dinker as a model for a famous sculpture. 
Now people recognize him all the time, "Haven't I met you somewhere before", They'll say? 
DD gets tired of explaining things. 
I think he's miffed at that Robin fellow. 
Deep won't tell what it's about, but knowing DD I expect it's something about philosophy. 
He loves to sit around and ponder life, and of course, pickle ball. 
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Douglas Baker
Douglas Baker